Răchitova Tower

It is worth walking up at the volcanic hill from Răchitova! And that’s not only because from here you can see the ruins of the medieval fortress, but you can also admire the surroundings, from an observation point.
As it is the case of other fortifications built by the local nobles of the area, Rachitova was also built, at first, as a rock tower-dwelling. But it time, though, all the other fortresses from Haţeg Country have been fortified with stone curtain walls. But the nobiliar family from Răchitova, financially weaken by internal conflicts, couldn’t afford this. Therefore, the tower-dwelling was enclosed by a trench and a wave of soil with wave palisade. What’s a palisade? A row of timber stakes stuck in the ground which looked like a fence rather than a fortress wall.
Some of the tower’s walls can still be observed nowadays. You can also see even the traces of the trench and the soil wave around the tower.

Impresii de la Răchitova Tower