Crivadia Tower

You might believe that the ruins from Crivadia are the remains of a fortress but it actually is what remained from a control customs tower from Middle Age. The story is that this was built upon the request of the nobles from Hateg Country, who complained about the smuggling taking place between the people of Hateg and Oltenia.
The tower was used for surveying the old road which connected Wallachia to Transylvania. It isn’t known how efficient that was, because no written document mentions its name in the following years. But it definitely was a fortification, in the true meaning of the word. You will notice that it has very thick walls and narrow windows used by the garrison of the tower to shoot if needed, without exposing itself.
The tower was built right on the edge of Crivada gorges’ abyss. The gorges - dug in limestone - were very steep and protected one side of the fortification’s wall. They turned the Tower of Crivada into a place offering an amazing sight.

Impresii de la Crivadia Tower