Sălașu de Sus Noble Court

Would you like to know how a noble family used to live in Hateg Country, during the Middle Age? Are you curious how big a noble court was? Well, you could see the ruins of such a home if you go to Sălaşu de Sus.
The noble court of Sălaşu was built in late Middle Age. The noble from these regions already had a fortified fortress at Mălăieşti, where he could hide in times of danger. So he arranged here a more comfortable home.
The rooms, built around a courtyard, were bigger than the rooms of the fortified fortresses. Moreover, they also had wide windows with hand made round glass panes. The top side of the windows was decorated with brick vaults of which only a few pieces were kept until nowadays.
The place where the noble court was built was not a random choice. The story is that there already was older fortified tower here which was used to defend the road to the village. This tower was included in the new construction.


Impresii de la Sălașu de Sus Noble Court