Colț Fortress

When visiting Colţ Monastery, you will also see the fortress bearing the same name, built on the nearby cliffs.  They both keep, between the traces of the walls, stories from the unsafe times of the Middle Age. In those days, the robberies and the battles were so often so that the fortifications were a need.

The fortress,  in its time, was strategically built on the top of the cliff. The noble was able to survey the road coming up the mountains from here. In addition to being hard place to attack, the fortress was also a safe place, where the nobiliar family housed its valuables and sheltered in times of danger.


The Castle from Carpathians
The story is that the Colţ Fortress was the inspiration source of the Novel wrote by Jules Vernes: ”The Castle from Carpathians”

Impresii de la Colț Fortress